Indian River Amateur Radio Club

  • Meeting times and location 

    General Meetings are located at the River of Life Church on SR3 in Merritt Island  

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    First Tuesday each Month   at 1915 hours with a social starting at 1900.

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  • Why should you join our club?

    All activities are enhanced by belonging to a group.                                                We have a lot of operating activities and social events.                                          You can become a better operator by participating in our operating events Public Service. Our public service events offer an opportunity for us to return something to our communities.                                                                                                      We have a great group of folks that make great conversation who are just fun to hang out with Technical Development.  We are just about as nerdy as it gets and we have technical expertise in all aspects of electronics, computers, communication and all other advanced technologies.                                                                     God forbid a disaster hit here, but it could happen, and you will know what frequencies to use and you and your radio could be a life saver.                          Most of All, You have your own knowledge and skills and your own area of expertise and rest assured we can use your talent!  Come help out with your ham radio privileges and skills.