Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club

  • Meeting times and location 

    Second Wednesday of every month @ 16:30 (4:30pm local time) The KSC Amateur Radio Club meets regularly for club business, special presentations, and social gathering. Check the Events Calendar for the details on upcoming meetings. On-Site (KSC) meetings are held at the EML Building Conference Room, Off-Site meetings are held at KARS I Park Conference Bldg in Merritt Island, and social gatherings vary on location to encourage wide participation. You need not be a member to attend any meeting or social; however, badged access to KSC is required for on-center meetings.

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  • Membership (restricted) 

    Membership is open to all badged employees at Kennedy Space Center and Eastern Range sites, as well as retired NASA civil service. These members are routinely badged into KSC and therefore have access to club activities and facilities on-Center. The immediate families of those eligible above, to retired KSC contractors, and those who were eligible members in good standing while formerly employed at KSC and ER may also join. These members are not routinely badged into KSC and consequently do not have access to club activities and facilities on-Center, but may otherwise participate in any club activities not requiring access to KSC.